Easy Photovoltech is leading Solar Lantern Manufacturer in India.Our solar lanterns are light in weight and perfect source of light in dark. It can be easily carried like a traditional Lantern. Being a solar operated product, it gives omni directional pure white light. Coming equipped with a sealed maintenance free lead acid battery, solar photovoltaic module, charge controller & DC-AC inverter, they can light the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).

Designed by our highly skilled and experienced professionals, the solar lanterns offered by Easy Photovoltech are highly efficient. Their two step charge controller protects battery from draining and over charging. Besides, the lanterns use sunlight to power high intensity LED’s that provide light for more than 10 Hours once the batter is fully charged. High frequency inverter ensures more light output, high efficiency and long service life to the CFL lamp.

As a Solar Lantern Manufacturer, Some of the features our solar lanterns are safe, efficient, reliable, affordability, maximum light coverage, easy installation, no fumes, no smoke, no-maintenance, long lasting high power LED’s, aesthetically designed portable light, micro controller based high efficiency electronics, different Models, and optional mobile charging.



Amid adverse load shedding problem and high consumption of electricity across the country, Solar LED Lantern has brought out a great relief to people. It’s not just helpful for one’s pocket, but also a great option for the place where electricity isn’t still available. This solar powered-LED based emergency lighting is the best alternative to the old form of emergency lighting.

No dependency on the power grid, no tension of high electricity bill, and not issue of power-cut, Solar LED lanterns have eliminated every issue in the country. If you want Solar LED lanterns, give us a call, we manufacture and supply guaranteed and high-quality solar products.


Technical Data
Working Hours 8-10Hrs
Nominal Power 3W
Efficiency >90%
Battery 4Ah SMF
No of LEDs 3
SPV 3-5W
Self Consumption <1 ma
Nominal Battery Voltage 6V
Max Module Current 1A
Charge Control PWM
Charge Control PWM
Display Indications LED (Low Battery. Charging)
Lantern Body ABS
Luminary Degree of Protection IP 65
Cooling Natural air cooled
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C


Solar CFL Lanterns are portable light source like a traditional lantern. They come equipped with sealed maintenance free (SMF), solar photovoltaic module, lead acid battery, charge controller, compact fluroscent lamp (CFL) covered with high transparent chimney, Charge controller and invertors to operate the CFL. With these innovative lanterns, you don’t need to depend on the electricity and worry about the high electricity bill. Since a Solar CFL Lantern glows with the sun energy, it’s an excellent option for rural areas and the urban city where load shedding is a great problem.

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