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Zero emissions and zero running costs, Joint Solar is the future of solar street lighting solution. Product to be a Solar Street Light Manufacturer, we build and supply an array of sustainable, efficient and renewable energy solutions that empower you to use the sun’s energy and illumine the entire region. A guaranteed street lamp operating 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, we manufacture solar street lights that are known for known for zero emissions and zero running costs.

Easy Photovoltech Pvt Ltd as a leading Solar Street Light Manufacturer in India, behind manufacturing high-quality products, we look forward to supply the solar street lights that are the best money can buy for quality performance and valuable services. Developed by using latest technologies, our solar street light items combine the sun’s energy and wind power to offer a stable, cost-effective solution in all weather.

Since Easy Photovoltech has completely integrated solutions; engineers make solar street systems that are able to generate its own power by using a small wind turbine, deep cycle batteries. Moreover, the solar lighting modules from Easy Photovoltech provide a safe and eco-friendly street lighting solution that doesn’t damage Carbon Dioxide emissions.



Taking care of the atmosphere is everyone’s responsibility. several folks area unit responsive to many environmental friendly processes, however, several also are unaware of the advanced technology to assist scale back the carbon emissions. CFL based mostly star Street lightweight is one amongst the simplest solutions. It’s energy economical, don’t have any poisonous parts, fewer lights needed, higher lifetime, Zero emissions and nil running prices, and so on..

Simple Photovoltech may be a leading manufacturer and provider of CFL based mostly star Street lightweight. We provide high-quality merchandise that area unit the simplest cash should purchase. Our star street lightweight merchandise consumes the wind generation and sun’s energy to supply a stable, cost-efficient answer all told weather.

Output Light Intensity 10 Lux @ 12Ft 16 Lux @ 12Ft 20 Lux @ 12Ft
Nominal Power 12W 20W 24W
Efficiency >86%
Battery 75AH Tubular 75AH Tubular
Lamp 11 Watt 9w x 2 HWx2
SPV 74W 100W
Self Consumption <6ma
Nominal Battery Voltage 12V
Max Module Current 5A 8 AMP
Charging Method CC-CV (boost) / CV (Float)
Charge Control PWM
Display Indications LED (Low Battery, Charging)
Battery Connection 4 meter long 1.5 mm Sq cupper wire with lugs provided
Indication Battery Charging, Battery Low, Battery Overcharge
SPV Connection 2.5 meter 1.5 Sq mm two core cupper wire fitted with Lugs
Pole 15Ft/20Ft Optional
Installation Pole / Wall Mounting
Luminary Dimension 290 X 145 X 190mm
Battery Box MS Sheet box with non weatherproof power coating
Luminary Degree of Protection IP 65
Cooling Natural air cooled
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It’s a semiconductor light source, which is usually used as a lighting source of modern solar street light. Since LED offers several benefits, people use LED based solar street light. Some of the key benefits include cost saving, Easy for remote monitor and control, Easy for solar street light installation, Easy for the maintenance, Environmental friendly, energy efficient, zero running costs, etc. LED is designed to provide much higher Lumens with lower energy consumption. It consumes energy at least 50% lower than HPS. At Easy Photovoltech, we offer a vast range of LED based solar street light. If you want LED based solar light in bulk, feel free to contact us. We offer high-quality LED products at the best price possible.


Luminary Type ESL 08 ESL 012 ESL 024
Output Light Intensity 15Lux @ 4m 25Lux @ 6m 30Lux @ 6m
Nominal Power 9W 14W 26W
Efficiency >90% >90% >90%
Battery 40Ah Tubular 100Ah Tubular 100Ah Tubular
No. of LEDs 08Nos 12Nos 24Nos
SPV 45WP 75WP 120WP
Self Consumption <7ma <7ma <7ma
Nominal Battery Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Max Module Current 5Amp 8Amp 10Amp
Charging Method CC-CV
Charge Control PWM
Display Indication LED (Low Battery, Charging)
Indication Battery charging, Low Battery, Battery Overcharge
Pole 15Ft/20Ft Optional
Luminary Degree of Protection IP65
Cooling Natural Air Cooled
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C
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